Nearly two decades ago, a chance encounter with Northeast Arc’s Jo Ann Simons left a lasting impact on Steven P. Rosenthal.  While exercising at the Jewish Community Center of the North Shore, Simons and Rosenthal struck up a conversation. Quickly, the two realized that they both share a passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities.

Since 2005, Steven P. Rosenthal has served as a Trustee of the Ruderman Family Foundation.  The Foundation directly advocates for people with disabilities. Through their chance encounter, Rosenthal learned that Simons had a person interest in the advocacy initiated by Ruderman Family Foundation;  her son, who has Down syndrome, has inspired her career in advancing opportunities for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.  

At the time of their meeting, Jo Ann Simons had just taken over as CEO of Northeast Arc.  Inspired by her direct involvement, Steven P. Rosenthal introduced Simons to the Ruderman Family Foundation, where she was inducted as a Consultant.  Their exchange of ideas prompted Rosenthal to contribute something truly innovative and positively disruptive to Northeast Arc. Aiming to expand the organization’s reach, Rosenthal generously contributed to the Changing Lives Fund, which focuses on making an active difference in the lives of people with disabilities.