West Shore is a fully integrated real estate investment firm with a specific focus on the acquisition and management of multifamily assets, headquartered in Boston. It is a dynamic, fast-growing company that takes an entrepreneurial approach to real estate. As the Chairman of West Shore, Steve leads the firm’s disciplined institutional investment strategy and commitment to excellence.

Company Background

Joined by Lee E. Rosenthal, Steven P. Rosenthal founded West Shore in 2016. The Rosenthals are seasoned experts in investment strategy and asset management, with vast experience in the real estate and finance industries. Backed by a hardworking team of experts, West Shore maintains exceptional expertise in the acquisition and management of multifamily properties that appeal to experienced investors. West Shore leverages relationships and utilizes its local market expertise to identify unique investment opportunities and deliver value to investors.

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Investment Strategy

Hands-on in his leadership as Chairman, Steven P. Rosenthal actively contributed to the initial foundation of West Shore’s investment strategy. As the real estate market evolves, Rosenthal continues to be proactive in fine-tuning the firm’s investment strategy, leveraging relationships and utilizing local market expertise to identify unique opportunities.

The firm’s investment strategy takes into consideration a variety of short- and long-term factors. Experienced in managing large real estate portfolios, Rosenthal calls on his decades of expertise when implementing West Shore’s investment strategy. The process begins with an in-depth evaluation that focuses on identifying assets in high growth or high barrier locations. Multidimensional in approach, this initial stage also takes into consideration inflationary rental pressure and assets that can be purchased below replacement cost to achieve high return. The strategy utilizes economies of scale to enhance NOI and property performance within strategic geographic areas.

Multifamily Portfolio

When acquiring multifamily properties for the firm’s portfolio, Steven P. Rosenthal and his team focus on locations that appeal to millennials and Gen X professionals. The team’s emphasis on this population adds long-term stability and value to their portfolio’s specialization. Many of West Shore’s multifamily properties are located in popular hubs for healthcare and technology professionals.